Museums Quarter, Vienna

The Host City - Vienna

Seat of the Habsburg dynasty for more than 600 years and capital of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy until 1918, Vienna provides a rich and historic site for the program. A world-renowned center for art, architecture, music, and diplomacy, Vienna also served as a political nerve center of Europe for centuries. Located at the crossroads between East and West, Vienna has long been, and continues to be, the meeting place for diplomats, merchants, kings, and presidents. Vienna provides all of the trappings one would expect in an international city: palaces, monuments, gardens, museums, theaters, opera, and the university. Vienna’s famous cafes and coffee houses offer leisurely places to socialize. A picturesque walk takes the students to the famous “Ringstrasse,” past the Parliament, City Hall, and National Theater into the old city to the law school. In summer, the sidewalk cafes, markets, and festivals bring added life to cobblestone streets. This spectacular location and international environment enable the student to experience the impressive historical and cultural flavor of this unique European capital.

Visits to government institutions and related lectures complement the law curriculum. Optional after-class walking tours highlight the cultural life of Vienna. From the art at the Belvedere, Mozart at the Schönbrunn Palace, and dining in nearby vineyards, Vienna lives up to its reputation. Finally, the well-known Viennese cuisine also delights the American visitor.

Side trips to Prague and Venice highlight the program. These side trips to two of Europe’s most popular and culturally significant sites enhance the experience.

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