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The Host City

Founded in the early 16th century, Panama City has recently seen a surge in economic development, population expansion, and metropolitan growth. Since taking control of the Panama Canal in 1999, Panama’s economy has grown by an astounding 50%, making it the fastest growing economy in Latin America. Panama City is physically expanding to accommodate the economy’s rapid growth, as is evidenced by the continual work on a $2 billion subway system and a $5+ billion modernization of the Panama Canal in its centenary year.

Despite this immense growth, Panama City remains the world’s third cheapest major city, making it particularly attractive to students. Panama City has been called the Dubai of Latin America because of its exponential growth over the past few years. Increasing its appeal to the busy law school student, Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport is just a 3-hour flight from Miami. Some airlines even offer direct flights from New Orleans to Panama City. Finally, the city features easy access to both oceanic coasts, an eclectic mix of colonial and post-modern architecture, and a wide array of cosmopolitan and local cultural offerings, making it a desirable destination for students.

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