Faculty - Mexico

Professor B. Keith Vetter is the Ted and Louana Frois Distinguished Professor of International Law Studies at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University Law School (emphasis in Civil Law) and the George Washington University Law School (emphasis in Common Law). Professor Vetter teaches Comparative Law, Western Legal Tradition, and Latin American Legal Systems. He has written numerous articles and books and has taught at law schools in France, Lithuania and Brazil and has lectured on comparative law topics at law schools in Brazil, Costa Rica, England (Oxford), France, Holland, Japan, Mexico, Slovenia, and Yugoslavia. He also is Director of Loyola’s Latin American programs.

Professor Obrad Stanojevic received an LL.B. in 1957 from the University of Belgrade College of Law and a Ph.D. from that same institution in 1957. He has taught at that institution since 1982 and served as vice-dean in 1981-82 and dean in 1991-92. He is Professor of Roman Law and Legal History, Major Legal Systems (Basic Principles of Common Law) at the University of Belgrade College of Law, where his areas of interest have also included Comparative Law, Western Legal Tradition, and International Law. He has been a visiting professor or lecturer at Loyola College of Law and at various European universities. He has also been associate director and professor at several summer law school programs of Loyola College of Law. He has published more than a dozen books and manuscripts, several which dealt with legal history and Roman law. He has published several articles on the same subjects. He speaks English, French, Italian, Russian, and Serbo-Croatian.

Professor Luz Molina first joined the clinical faculty in December 1981 for one year, permanently returning in 1990. She has spent a large part of her practicing years serving the needs of poverty-stricken individuals in the areas of domestic law, children in need of care proceedings, civil rights under Title VII and 42 U.S.C. § 1983, and immigration law. Prior to teaching, she practiced law with a non-profit legal services organization in the areas of public benefits and immigration law, with an emphasis on the right of refugees to asylum and withholding of deportation. She currently works with student practitioners in a labor and employment law practice as part of her Workplace Justice Project. These efforts are assisted by the generous support of the Southern Poverty Law Center. She also co-directs the Extern Program, and serves as the faculty responsible for their placement, supervision and instruction.

She is involved in various efforts to bring systemic changes to the legal profession, such as the creation of a mandatory statewide child advocacy program. Her areas of interest include justice and law, social justice, ethics and the practical application of clinical education pedagogy.

Professor Stephen Singer is assistant clinical professor of law at Loyola University College of Law, teaching a criminal defense clinic representing clients in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court. Singer formerly served as general counsel to Orleans Public Defenders, an independent legal office providing representation to indigent defendants in Orleans Parish. Prior to joining the faculty at Loyola, Singer worked as an attorney with the Public Defender Service in Washington, D.C. and with the non-profit Louisiana Capital Assistance Center, where he represented capital defendants at the trial level throughout Louisiana. He was also on the faculty at the University of Wyoming College of Law where he was director of the criminal defense clinic and taught constitutional criminal procedure. Singer is a 1988 graduate of Harvard Law School.

Judge and Adjunct Professor Jesus Valencia Valencia has been a Criminal Court District Judge for the State of Morelos and adjunct Professor at the State University of Morelos Faculty of law for many years. He holds a law degree and Masters of Law in Criminal Procedure from that University, and is completing a PhD in law at the University of Salamanca in Spain.