EU Field Study Detailed Description

The field study follows the same basic pattern each year, with a few modifications to accommodate changing schedules of the lawyers, judges and institutions visited.

  • Arriving in Brussels on the first Sunday of the trip, the group will enjoy an optional trip to Ghent and a welcome dinner at the famous Chez Leon. This restaurant and our hotel in Brussels are located just off the magnificent Grand Place, called by some “the most beautiful city center in Europe.”
  • The actual visits to the institutions and the lectures by EU officials begin on Monday morning. The first presentation takes place in the most powerful branch of EU governance, the Council of the European Union. That evening the group is invited to a reception by an international law firm located in the EU section of Brussels.
  • On Tuesday morning, the group will visit different offices in the European Commission. That afternoon, the group takes the train to the City and Duchy of Luxembourg, the home of the European Court of Justice and several other EU offices.
  • On Wednesday morning, the students tour the Court, receive instruction on the court’s operation, and attend an oral argument. Following lunch, the group will visit the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial. 
  • On Thursday morning, the group takes the train to picturesque Strasbourg, France. In the evening, there will be a group dinner at the historic L'ancienne Douane, which once served as Strasbourg’s central customs house.
  • On Friday morning, a visit to the new, stunning European Parliament marks the final official stop on the field study. That afternoon, the group will visit the European Court of Human Rights.
  • On Saturday, the group travels to Paris for a visit to the Musée d'Orsay, once home to the Conseil d'État and the Cour des Comptes.
  • On Sunday, many students enjoy final sightseeing and holiday shopping.
  • Most students will fly home to the U.S. on Monday. Students arrange their own transportation, as arrival and return flights home vary