Kusadasi at Night


  • Students engaging in the field study will explore current, vital issues in Italy and Turkey regarding free speech; gender equality; the succession of Turkey to the E.U.; Italian economic developments, etc. Students will be encouraged to explore these issues by conversing with law students, professors, and everyday citizens. While recording observations on these numerous complex issues, students will simultaneously explore legal history from Greek and Roman times through the rise of the Byzantine Empire. The overall field study experience substantially deepens the participants’ appreciation of the roots of civil law and the contemporary issues in Italy and Turkey.
  • For many students, the field study assumes the form of a law school seminar and independent study project. The many lectures and tours on site enhance the students’ knowledge of the area’s history, and the students subsequently write research papers on key issues concerning Italy and/or Turkey (past or present). Loyola faculty directs the tour and supervises research papers.
  • Students enrolling for credit will register for a LAW 898 (Independent Study) or Law 899 (Legal Research) under the supervision of a professor. Students writing a research paper of 2 or 3 credit hours can fulfill the writing requirement. Students may not elect any combination of course numbers L898, L899, or L900 that would result in more than six credit hours.
  • The Rome-Istanbul Field Study is limited to 15 students. To apply, you must submit your application and the $150.00 non-refundable administrative fee to Professor Patrick Hugg or Teaching Peter Kordas.