Course Descriptions - Vienna

Comparative Legal Systems (2 credit hours)

This course will present a comparative view of the legal traditions and institutions of the three countries as well as consideration of the common and civil law perspectives on law, legal education, and legal culture. Class instruction will be complemented by visits to the Austrian Parliament, the Austrian Constitutional Court, and the Austrian Supreme Court.

International Copyright Law (1 credit hour)

This course examines the international protection of copyrighted works. Modern international trade and communication technologies make it imperative for intellectual property lawyers to be prepared to face a variety of problems that transcend national borders. Knowledge of international copyright law requires understanding the complex interrelationships between international treaties, domestic law, and informal norms. This class will provide a comparative analysis of copyright laws and policies in the United States (US) and European Union (EU) countries. We will examine the structure and sources of copyright law, focusing particularly on international treaties. We will also compare US and EU approaches to a number of doctrinal and policy areas, particularly with respect to the Internet and digital technologies. Finally, we will explore how private parties can enforce copyrights internationally. There are no prerequisites and it assumes no knowledge of copyright law.

Independent Study (2-3 credit hours)

Two options are available for independent study through the Vienna, Austria program. A student can satisfy the writing requirement for graduation as a Loyola student by completing a writing through independent study under the guidance of Professor Dane Ciolino. Loyola students may register, with permission, for Law L899 or Law G898 for this course.