Course Descriptions - Vienna

Comparative Legal Systems will present a comparative view of the legal traditions and institutions of the three countries as well as consideration of the common and civil law perspectives on law, legal education, and legal culture. Class instruction will be complemented by visits to the Austrian Parliament, the Austrian Constitutional Court, and the Austrian Supreme Court. 

Introduction to European Union Law will offer a basic introduction to the European Union, the world's most advanced example of transnational cooperation. Built upon the ruins of World War II, today's EU has seen the continent of Europe peacefully united in a novel polity that has produced prosperity and unexpected collaboration among its nation state members. The seminar will introduce the student to the development of this new legal entity, its basic institutional structure, and key issues facing it today.

International Courts and Tribunals will offer an introduction to the Courts and Committees supervising human rights treaties, International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, International Criminal courts and Tribunals, The International Court of Justice, and the GATT-WTO.

International Sales Law will focus on the law governing the transnational sales of goods. The class will first cover the major sources of international commercial law with a special emphasis on the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), the UNIDROIT Principles of Commercial Law and public international law regarding arbitration of commercial disputes. The scope of the CISG along with its relationship to the domestic commercial laws of the United States and Austria will then be examined. The class will cover issues of offer and acceptance, express and implied warranties, performance obligations and remedies under the CISG. The CISG will be compared to the domestic sales laws of the United States and Austria throughout the class.

Course Materials

First Session - Comparative Legal Systems: Austria, Germany and the United States

The text for this class, entitled The Austrian Legal System, will be available in Vienna. The cost of this text is included in the program activities fee.

Second Session - Seminars

Specially prepared materials or texts will be distributed for these classes in Vienna by the course instructors. The cost of materials is included in the program fee.