Costa Rica 2007 group

San José, Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Program will not be offered in 2013. The program will next be offered in 2014. 

Thank you for your interest in our two-week summer session in Costa Rica. The dates of the session this year make it particularly attractive, as students may take the program when the spring semester ends and still have almost the entire summer for work. Evening students in particular may find the possibility of a two-week session inviting. The hotel is inexpensive, has a swimming pool and jacuzzi, and there are many one-day excursions around San Jose (rain forests, etc.) to occupy the family while the students are in class or studying.This combined law school session and family vacation is feasible for part-time as well as full-time students.

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law is enthusiastic about adding Costa Rica to our Latin American Summer Session locations, along with Mexico and Brazil, making us the leading law school in the United States in terms of Latin American Summer Programs. There is not a more effective way to study Latin America’s legal systems than to be able to experience the courts, law offices, law schools, etc., at the same time that we read and discuss these topics in our Latin American Legal Systems class. Other courses focus as much as possible on the Latin American legal context. We have excellent ties with the legal community in Costa Rica and will be able to profit from that during our session. As a law school in the only civil code jurisdiction in the United States, with a civil code similar to that of Costa Rica, and both a civil code and common law curriculum, Loyola is uniquely qualified to introduce American law students to the civil law tradition of Latin America.