Public Transit

OCELTS’ Public Transit Policies

Loyola service learning and CBFWS students who use New Orleans streetcars and buses to get to their service learning sites are eligible to receive RTA transportation assistances (either in the form of tokens or passes) from our office located in Bobet 113. Note: office hours are Monday – Friday 12-2pm.  You can also find route maps & schedules for most streetcar and bus lines outside Bobet 113 and online at

Policies: Service Learning

Students traveling off campus for a service learning placement are eligible to obtain RTA Jazzy Passes from our office.  Students will be given a sufficient numbers of passes to go once a week over the course of a semester.

There are two periods of time per semester when students can pick up passes from the office.

  1. Passes for the first half of the semester will be given out until the Friday following the Placement Acceptance Period.  Students must have a placement offer and acceptance on file with our office to be eligible to receive transportation assistances.
  2. Passes for the second half of the semester will be given out the day before, the day of, and the day after the First Timesheet Deadline. Students must submit a timesheet by the deadline to be eligible to receive the remainder of their transportation assistances.

Please note that students not completing their service learning hours on regular, weekly basis may not be eligible for transportation assistances from our office.


Policies: CBFWS

CBFWS students who use public transit will be given a sufficient number of RTA tokens to travel to and from their agencies or work sites enough times to complete their hours.

Some routes require riders to transfer from one streetcar or bus line to another.  Transfers can be purchased from any streetcar or bus driver for $0.25.  Students are responsible for purchasing their own transfers, and are not to use tokens in lieu of transfers.


Policies: General

RTA assistances obtained from OCELTS are for service learning and/or CBFWS use only.  Using OCELTS-issued tokens or passes for personal use is strictly forbidden.

Students are responsible for replacing lost or stolen tokens/passes.  Lost or stolen tokens/passes cannot be replaced by OCELTS.

OCELTS does not reimburse students for transportation costs.

Students who receive a gas card are not eligible for RTA transportation assistances.