Álvaro Bootello, Ph.D.


Alvaro Bootello, Ph.D.
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Dr. Álvaro Bootello is a native of Spain and has a strong international experience. After working with leading agencies and clients, his professional path has led him to develop his career in higher education in the fields of advertising, public relations and integrated marketing communications. He has served both as a professor and at the top management level, and has a wide experience organizing programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Bootello received his Ph.D. in Advertising and Mass Communication, focusing his research on the brand engagement of the sponsors of the Super Bowl. 

As Director of the Shawn M. Donnelley Center for Nonprofit Communications, Dr. Bootello aims to contribute and help the nonprofit community of the greater New Orleans area by implementing and achieving successful communication solutions as well as providing students with the appropriate professional guidance and tools to accomplish their goals.

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