Support the Center

Whether discussing the musical and culinary culture of New Orleans, or debating the serious implications of coastal erosion and ecological disaster, The Center for the Study of New Orleans has worked tirelessly to bring original and thought-provoking programming to the campus of Loyola University. We are proud of our commitment to keep all of our events free and open to the public so as to reach the broadest audience possible. Because we know that you are just as committed to the vibrancy of the Crescent City, we invite you to consider becoming a sponsor of The Center for the Study of New Orleans.

There are many ways in which you or your company can help the Center. We actively seek both a title sponsor and associate sponsors for NolaLoyola, our marquee event. The Center for the Study of New Orleans also hosts other events over the course of the academic year, including documentary film screenings, public forums, and live performances. Our events offer sponsors an opportunity to associate their product or service with Loyola's well-established commitment to community engagement.

Contributions to The Center for the Study of New Orleans may be tax deductible, and Center staff will coordinate with Loyola University's office of Institutional Advancement to maximize the benefits of your generosity.

For more information, contact Leslie Parr, Ph.D., Director, Center for the Study of New Orleans at