Introductory Common Curriculum

Introductory Common Curriculum (ICC) courses constitute the foundation of Loyola education. Seven courses in a variety of disciplines introduce and reinforce college-level skills and knowledge that prepare students for life-long learning. 

The ICC is the core or heart of the Common Curriculum, and students are encouraged to complete these courses within their first two years of enrollment at Loyola University New Orleans. While these courses are often prerequisites for courses in the Advanced Common Curriculum (ACC) and even in some majors, other majors require their students to take certain departmental courses in place of their ICC requirements. Students should be sure to talk to their faculty advisors about the ICC requirements or consult the University Bulletin. 

For several ICC categories, students can choose among a range of courses that satisfy the requirement. They can select from dozens of First Year Seminars (FYS); global history courses that focus on the premodern or modern world; religious studies options in Christianity or world religions; three math courses depending on their background and major; and major-level courses in the natural sciences in addition to the introductory course.

Introductory Common Curriculum - 21 credit hours

Students complete 7 courses in the following categories: