First-Year Seminars

First Year Seminars (FYS) are interdisciplinary courses that focus on questions of enduring value through the lens of "thinking critically, acting justly." The seminar introduces first-year students to college-level thinking and learning, helps develop writing and speaking skills, and promotes critical problem solving and experiential learning.  All students enroll in a First-Year Seminar during their first year.  

For more information about registering for a FYS, visit the First Year Experience page.

Students are encouraged to view the list of FYS on LORA for their incoming semester. Previous FYS have included: 

Business FYS

  • BA T121 Branding New Orleans

Communications FYS

  • CMMN T121 Spinning the Planet

  • CMMN T121 Media Myths, Cultural Realities

Criminal Justice FYS

  • CRJU T121 Violent Crime & the Media

English FYS

  • ENGL T121 Bought & Sold: 20th Century Slavery

  • ENGL T121 The World of Tim Burton

  • ENGL T121 The Devil in Literature & Film

  • ENGL T121 Imagining New Orleans

  • ENGL T121 Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

History FYS

  • HIST T121 Rebellion & Revolution in China

  • HIST T121 Creole Crossroads

  • HIST T121 Creating Medieval Monsters

  • HIST T121 The Idea of America

  • HIST T121 Globalization

Latin American Studies FYS

  • LAS T121 Images of South America

Management FYS

  • MGT T121 Dishing it Up – Business of Food in New Orleans

Music FYS

  • MUGN T121 Southern Comfort, Southern Soul

Philosophy FYS

  • PHIL T121 Philosophy in the Twilight Zone

Physics FYS

  • PHYS T121 Making of the Atomic Bomb

Political Science FYS

  • POLS T121 Rebuilding New Orleans

  • POLS T121 Political Satire

Psychological Sciences FYS

  • PSYC T121 Pursuit of Happiness

  • PSYC T121 i-Brains

Religious Studies FYS

  • RELS T121 Social Justice and The Wire

Sciences & Math FYS

  • SCIE T121 Math and the Natural World

Sociology FYS

  • SOCI T121 Gender and Mardi Gras

  • SOCI T121 Diversity and Society

  • SOCI T121 Community, Connection, and Contagion 

Visual Arts FYS

  • VISA T121 Walking in New Orleans – Romantic Decay or Economic Exhaustion?