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LIEP Dates and Costs


Calendar of Dates 2016


Spring 2016
(A full session 15 weeks,
and a half session is 8weeks.)
15 weeks 
1st 8 weeks
January 19
January 19
May 11
March 11
Summer 2016
(A full session 8 weeks,
and a half session is 4 weeks.)
8 weeks 
1st 4 weeks
2nd 4 weeks**

June 6
June 6
July 5

July 29
July 1
July 29

Fall 2016
(A full session 15 weeks,
and a half session is 8 weeks.)

15 weeks 
1st 8 weeks
2nd 8 weeks**


August 17
August 17
October 11

December 9
October 7
December 9

- Students wishing to enroll for half a semester can do so by starting or ending at the mid-term date. Students who wish to start at the mid-term date should be aware that they are entering in the middle of the 15 week session. A mid-term start date is not recommended for students at the low-intermediate level. The length of the 7-8 week term will depend on university holidays.

- Likewise, students wishing to enroll for 4 weeks during the summer can do so by ending at the mid-term end date or beginning at the mid-term start date.  

**Students who wish to start at mid-term need to be in town for orientation on the following dates:


- Spring 2016 2nd 8-week session: Not offered in 2016

- Summer 2016 2nd 4-week session: July 5

- Fall 2016 2nd 8-week session: October 11

Click here for a sample class schedule.


Costs 2016 Academic Year


4 Weeks 7-8 Weeks 15 Weeks
Tuition* $1,125 $2,250 $4,500
Books & Supplies $150 $250 $250
Activities Fee $50 $50 $100
Subtotal $1,325 $2,550 $4,850
Housing & Meals (on campus) $1,600 $3045 $6,092
Health Insurance $260 $370 $660
Personal Expenses $300 $500 $1,000
Subtotal $2,160 $3,915 $7,752
TOTAL COST (students who want to enroll in F-1 student status must show this amount in financial support)
$3,485 $6,465 $12,602

*Price listed is the price for the full academic course load, which is 20 hours per week. Prices to per course are $282 for 4 weeks, $563 for 8 weeks, and $1125 for 15 weeks. The option to attend LIEP part-time is not available to students on an F-1 visa.

On-campus housing may not be available for students who attend the 7-8 week session during the Fall and Spring. If you wish to stay on campus during a 7-8 week session during the Fall or Spring, please contact us and we will check availability for you.




Housing for men and women is available on campus in Loyola’s modern, air-conditioned residence halls. They provide a safe and secure living environment and give you the opportunity to make friends with U.S. students. All rooms are double rooms, and LIEP students are almost always placed with English-speaking roommates. You should apply early since space in the residence halls is extremely limited. 




Many apartments are available near campus if you plan to stay in New Orleans for a longer period of time. For more information about living off-campus, visit We recommend, however, that you initially live on campus. There are several cafeterias on campus which serve three meals daily at moderate prices. There is also a wide variety of inexpensive restaurants in the university area.

If you decide to live on-campus, you will need to fill out out a housing application and contract. This is available as part of your application to LIEP.



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