Welcome from the Director

Melanie McKay

Melanie McKay, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Loyola University New Orleans

Dear Faculty,

Loyola established the Center for Faculty Innovation to promote new directions in pedagogy, scholarship, and creative work and to support professional development for all Loyola faculty.  We carry out our mission through workshops on exemplary teaching practices, including new uses of technology to enhance student learning.  We support faculty mentoring programs in the departments and colleges and house a resource library of books and articles on teaching, learning, assessment and other topics.  We sponsor an extensive faculty development program, the Faculty Academy, for faculty across departments and colleges teaching First-Year Seminars.  We also provide a New Faculty Orientation and New Faculty Seminar each fall for incoming faculty.

The Center also supports faculty scholarship and creative work.  We coordinate faculty research and publishing groups. We also work with the university committees that award faculty research and professional development grants.  

Perhaps equally important, the Center provides a place for faculty to gather to discuss their work and exchange ideas—in other words, a place of their own.  Too often, faculty pass one other in the hallways and gather for committee meetings but never have the chance simply to sit down together and talk about what interests them and what they’re doing.  Our conference room and lounge area in the Monroe Library (room 334) provides such a place. Whether you want to drop by to browse a daily newspaper or get together with a group  of colleagues, the Center is the place to do it.

We look forward to working with you and hearing your ideas for innovation at Loyola.


Melanie McKay, Director
Center for Faculty Innovation
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Monroe Library, Room 301-E