Ambassador Group Tour

About Loyola Ambassadors

Loyola Ambassadors are dedicated to developing a personal, student-to-student interaction with prospective students, demonstrating the valuable assets of Loyola University New Orleans, considering the interests of the university as a whole, in hopes of enhancing Loyola’s reputation in the New Orleans community and beyond.


The Ambassadors Advisors are full-time staff members of Loyola’s Office of Admissions, as the Ambassadors are a division of the Admissions office.

The Ambassadors President is the sole presiding officer and serves as a part-time employee of the Office of Admissions. Ambassador advisors will appoint a president each spring.

The Golden Mentors are a group made up of previous Ambassadors who have the shown the highest dedication and involement with the organization. They are chosen by the Ambassador advisors and president. Golden Mentors are responsible for advising current Ambassadors and assisting the Ambassador President with different task.


Ambassador participation is evaluated by a point system. Ambassadors receive a pre-determined amount of points for each activity they participate in. These activities include but is not limited to:

Jazz Brunch - Mandatory Attendance

Jazz Brunch, held one Saturday in the fall, is a very successful recruiting event that the Office of Admissions holds. It is for prospective high school seniors and their families. The day includes a New Orleans style jazz brunch, of course, talks by deans, campus tours, and information sessions. The Ambassadors are crucial to the success of this event. All ambassadors must attend and help for the day.

President’s Open House - Mandatory Attendance

President’s Open House, held one Saturday in the spring, is the biggest recruiting event that the Office of Admissions holds. It is for admitted students and their families. Includes talks by president and deans, campus tours, information sessions, student panels, and a student activities fair. The Ambassadors are crucial to the success of this event. All ambassadors must attend and help for the day.

Audition Days - must attend at least one

Ambassadors are available to give tours or answer questions on these Saturdays (usually three per year). Prospective music, theatre, and visual arts students will be on campus during these days.

College Fairs/High School Visits

Admissions counselors ask Ambassadors to accompany them to college fairs and local high school visits, where they will help at Loyola’s information table. Duties may include speaking with prospective students and parents, assisting with data collection, helping with set up and pick up, and any other assistance the admissions counselor may need. Ambassadors may be invited based on their affiliation with a certain high school or region.

Campus Tours

Student workers in the Admissions Office are the primary tour guides for the regular daily tours. Ambassadors, however, will lead tours during special events, special group tours, and during large regular tour days. The Ambassadors president will keep a copy of members’ schedules to coordinate available tour guides. The tour route may be abbreviated or otherwise modified to accommodate larger groups.

Stuffing Parties

Ambassadors assist Admissions staff by stuffing envelopes or folders with information to be mailed or handed out to prospective students and their families for special events (e.g., invitations and information about President’s Open House).


All members of the organization shall meet every other week. Members of the leadership team shall meet more frequently.

Social Events

Ambassadors may be asked to attend different social events periodically during the school-year. Such events may include a service project to facilitate team-building or a social to reward the Ambassadors for their efforts.