Matthew Curran
Class of 1997

Funny story. This is in '96 or so. I was in a practice room in the music building and noticed someone walk by who on very quick glance looked liked Harry Connick, Jr. What the ....? A few minutes later I left my room and saw the the student worker for the music office was going around and signing out the rooms, which they did at the time the office closed if anyone was still in a practice room. You had to show them your I.D.

I heard her ask if he was going to stay, and that if so, she needed to just see his student I.D. She asked him if he was a student and clearly didn't recognize him. I swooped in, seeing it as an opportunity to talk to a singer/musician I greatly admired and had seen perform many times. I told the girl he was waiting for me and we were going to rehearse, so I signed out the room. Told him I was a singer and asked him if I could sing for him. He said sure. I sang Fly Me to the Moon and Have you Met Miss Jones and he played for me. He gave me some good constructive criticism and was totally cool. I still have no idea what he was doing there. I've met him a few time since then and he doesn't even remember. Ha! Nevertheless, it's a great memory for me....right there in the Loyola University practice rooms. I miss New Orleans!