Judy Hutchinson
Class of 1986

I was profoundly influenced by many, many professors at Loyola as well as folks in Campus Ministry and the Jesuit community. My favorite professors were Dr. Gary Herbert (also retiring) in philosophy, Fr. Jerry Fagin in religious studies, Dr. Robert Gnuse and Dr. Denis Janz in religious studies, and Dr. Jack Gessner in my Sociology of Religion course (constantly trying to get me to stop writing theology papers for his class and write sociology ones—he finally got through to me). My idol and hero was Fr. Tom Madden, then dean of Campus Ministry, who, to this day, is a trusted friend and advisor. High praise also to Fr. Leo Nicoll in history. I never had Fr. Nicoll for a class, but for some reason, I spent a good deal of time in his office. I received the lowest grade of my college career from Fr. Stephen Rowntree, but I think I learned something significant from that, and I remember him helping me with a mock interview for the job I eventually landed at Notre Dame. Very fond memories also of Fr. Ken Buddendorf of Campus Ministry and Fr. George Lundy, who was a very good boss. Also, Fr. Jim Carter, who, at the time was university president, was someone I think fondly of. He came to my graduation party, and my dear, sweet grandmother couldn’t stop telling people that the president of the university was at my party! That was a chuckler for a long time in our family. I spent a good deal of time with these people outside of the classroom and off campus, which, I think, says that faculty and staff took a great personal interest in their students. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to study at Loyola.