Jose Blanco, M.S.
Class of 1985

Attending Loyola has been the most formative and influential experience in my lifetime. I was sold on Loyola when I visited the campus with my parents in the spring of 1978. We were given a tour by Mr. Schultz, from the Admissions Office, and visited with Dr. Makielski, Ph.D., faculty in the poly sci department, as I thought that would be my calling. I spent my first two years in Biever Hall and then moved off campus.

I had a wonderful faculty and staff and, at the expense of my memory, I single out the following for having had a significant impact in my years at Loyola. From the common curriculum program: Fr. Fagot, S.J.; Fr. Vernon Gregson, S.J.; Rev. Robert Hanlon, S.J.; Fr. Rowntree, S.J. (I agree with alumnus Judy Hutchinson’s assessment, he was the toughest undergraduate grader); Fr. Benjamin Wren, S.J.; Fr. George F. Lundy. S.J.; Courtney O. Blair, Ph.D.; Maurice P. Brungardt, Ph.D.; John Clark, Ph.D.; Dr. Hymmel; Dr. Rosenthal; Dr. Sabatinni; Jerry Seaman, Ph.D.; Lydia Voigt, Ph.D; and Dr. Waters.

From the administration: President James C. Carter, S.J.; Jay Calamia; Dean Maria Falco, Ph.D; Vincent P. Knipfing, VP for Student Affairs; Bernard P. Knoth, S.J.; and Dr. Claire Paolini.

From my internship at the Loyola Law Clinic: Fred Enman; John Nelson, J.D.; John Standrige, J.D.; and Carlos Gomez, J.D. (Nicaragua).

From the Criminal Justice program: Judge Dennis J. Waldron, J.D., and Jack Wright, Ph.D., J.D.

From my graduate program: Justin E. Levitov, Ph.D.; Robert A. Preston, Ph.D.; and Hilda Smith, Ph.D.

From the Visual Arts Dept.: Steve Rucker, M.F.A., and Mark Grote, M.F.A.

I also worked for Loyola while a student and had the fortune of having had role models as Dan Arroyo, Wolf Pub Manager; and Manuel R. Cunard, Director of the Joseph A. Danna Center.

To this day, I keep my copy of the Seventy-First Commencement Address, delivered by William Arceneaux, Ph.D., Commissioner of Higher Education for the State of Louisiana; the Seventy-Fourth Commencement Address, delivered by Andrew Young, Mayor City of Atlanta, Georgia; and the Loyola Goals and Character & Commitment Statements.