Jessie Dace, Jr.
Class of 1993

I have so many fond memories of Loyola that I am not sure where to start. First and foremost, I am blessed to have attended such a fine institution. It is my firm belief that higher education serves a purpose greater than helping one land a good job. It prepares you for life. The courses I took, be it philosophy, religious studies, or Comp 122 (which was a Pass/Fail course, LOL) are proof of this. Loyola has enabled me to develop a greater sense of social consciousness and love for humanity, regardless of my political or socioeconomic views. In addition, I am honored to have been educated by such esteemed professors such as: Dr. Dynia, Dr. Raabe, Dr. Cook, Dr. Foust, Dr. Gorham, Dr. Moore, Dr. Makielski (hope the spelling is correct), and many others. I would be remiss if I did not mention my mentors—Dr. Katherine Adams and Mrs. Avia Alonzo (formerly known as Morgan). I can say with pride that I am proud to be an alumnus of Loyola. I look forward to the centennial celebration. I hope one day my daughter will follow in her father’s footsteps and attend my alma mater (granted, she is only entering the fifth grade next year, LOL). I pray the good Lord continues to bestow blessings upon Loyola. In parting, I have just two words for the Loyola family—“GO WOLFPACK!”