Jerry Hoskins
Class of 1959

Please forward this to your archivist. I’ll bet it’s the only Loyola building that she has no record of. I’m the architect and builder. It’s built of midnight requisitioned materials from the dump and the street. The stand was located on the Calhoun-street side of the campus, in front of the student center and Maroon office. My only clear memory is a pool table in the “early depression” building. I ran our electric feed from it; my belated thanks.

Jean Torre, Peter Daschbach, Piet Kessels and I were partners in this joint venture. We were freshmen at De La Salle. Somehow our names contracted to JEAPINS. (OK, we went to DLS not Jesuits!) It was financed by a $100.00 loan from Hibernia Bank, influenced by Fr. Rogero. Jean, Peter and I graduated from Loyola in ’59. Piet graduated from Tulane Architecture in 1960. The current decoration of Holy Name church was done by Piet.

We sold 5- and 10-cent snow balls for the summer session. I was surprised how the money added up. We made over $800.00; big bucks for us.