Deirdra (Dee Dee) Dobard Humphrey
Class of 1999

My favorite professor was Dr. Roger White, (political science class), who portrayed utmost caliber along with exceptional teachings and understandings in relations to realities of life within cause and effect. Professor White was and is an individual of diligence, fairness, toughness, and knows what he is attempting to execute by ways of teaching and students’ “thinking” beyond given facts or statistics. Always research, never take someone’s word at face value.

Professor White was and is an individual who always took the time with me and explained matters, issues, situations in conjunction with today’s society, in order for me to understand fully and to once again look, listen, hear beyond what is being said, and why.

My best Loyola experience was seeing Gorbachev when he came to speak at Loyola, for I had never seen a famous individual in person!

Also, on the top list of experiences was an opportunity I was granted to study four weeks in Europe and visited six countries: Belgium, (Leuven), Brussels, Amsterdam, London, France, and Germany, while attending the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven. Founded in 1425 and inspired by the European Christian tradition, K.U. Leuven embraces the values of independent inquiry and pursues a policy of non-discrimination.

To this day, I am still able to smell freshly baked bread from the bakery just down the street from where I was staying (Loyola House). The smell is what woke me up every morning; then Father would just be coming back from the bakery with an assortment of piping hot pastries, such as chocolate covered croissants, donuts with different fillings, fresh baked breads, and many more varieties which I am unable to recall at this time. I enjoyed the many restaurants, supermarkets, corner convenient store, walking into to town shopping, stopping in the square to listen to the live Jazz Band, and of course dancing by myself or, as the tradition is in Belgium, women dance with women if their husbands and boyfriends are unavailable. Yes I did dance, though it was the fast dancing to the sounds of Jazz, so I was comfortable with that, It was like I was still dancing alone.

When I had a “free day or weekend,” I chose to adventure out to see just what London was all about! I rode the red double decker bus, had the opportunity to see Buckingham Palace, which I had just missed the “Changing of the Guards.” I did quite a bit of walking, for I stayed in town all day until 7 p.m., for I would start walking to board the bus to take me back to my hotel before night fell, for remember I was on my own; no other student accompanied me. I didn’t blame them, for I was the oldest student there! No one wanted to hang with a 40-something-old student, however I didn’t mind! ...I was able to chill out! I could go on and on about my best experience, however that would be too long!

My Loyola education has influenced my life most of all from the above aforementioned.

Loyola has taught me how to become a better person, by speaking up for what I believe is just and fair, and to never take anyone’s word at face value.

Loyola enhanced the things I did know, yet taught me the things I didn't know!

I have come to understand and appreciate differences from people with habits from other regions of the world. My travels abroad has also widen my spectrum of diversity and the joy it has given me in understanding how others react to different situations, rules and regulations.