Brooke Ski Neal
Class of 2010
Brooke Ski Neal poses with Saints quarterback Drew Brees at Loyola commencement
Brooke Ski Neal poses with Saints quarterback Drew Brees at Loyola commencement

As a recent graduate, it’s hard to think of myself as an actual alumna, let alone think of all the fun times I had at Loyola as distant memories. I guess it’s time to wake up! Maybe it’s because I am so freshly departed, but I can remember the first day I moved into Buddig like it was yesterday. The memories after may be a bit hazy (haha!), but ultimately my days at Loyola were filled with frequent sunning and frisbee games in the quad, amazing Music Industry Forums, some studying, a little bit more socializing in the library, great professors and even better classmates, some now who I think will be lifelong friends.

One of my favorite memories, however, is probably the most recent one I’ve had at Loyola, and that’s at my 2010 graduation. The city of New Orleans was in its prime with the Saints winning the Super Bowl, then Mardi Gras, and all the amazing festivals underway. Drew Brees was my class speaker, and although he is for all practical purposes a football player, he is also an awesome person and someone I truly admire. Anyone who knows me, knows two things: 1. I am not a shy person by any means, and 2. I am usually lugging my huge camera around. My own college graduation would be no exception, so when I walked up onstage to receive my Loyola University diploma, I of course had to run off to Mr. Brees and snap a picture with him in front of the entire Superdome and my fellow class. I will always remember standing on that stage, heart racing, Fr. Wildes and many of my very own professors behind me, and Drew and the sea of people in the Superdome. Having had accomplished a degree from Loyola and a sweet picture with the Man of the Year himself. Thanks Loyola!