Barney McGinty
Class of 1954

Great memories of Fr. Butt’s accounting classes, especially the Saturday morning labs with Jack Thomas at the blackboard and Fr. Butt trying to rattle him.

As a student manager with the athletic department with my brother, Andy, preparing for basketball games and track meets and being able to work with Coach “Big Jim” McCafferty, a really terrific “big” man.

Life in the Ranch House: Listening to Norman Tregle, Tony Anthony (Anthony Caruso), and Harry Theard practicing their singing; hoping Fr. O’Flynn wouldn’t catch on to the beer parties (he eventually did and asked us to move out); trying to get some sleep.

Great memories of Guy Lemieux’s theology classes, Fr. Joseph Bogue’s philosophy classes, and Dr. Raymond Witte’s history classes.

The Loyola Jesuit education impacted my life very much and continues to do so. As town students from Montgomery, Alabama, in the days when there were not many of us, Andy and I treasured the good New Orleans friends we made at Loyola and kept over the years.