Below is our collection of memories by members of the Loyola Community. Share your memory with us so the Loyola community can remember the good times and struggles that happened on our campus over the last century.

Class of 2000

I graduated from Loyola in 2000 with a B.A. in criminal justice. I had several favorite professors, one of which was Professor Roger White—he was my political science professor. I can remember I had to do a research paper on China. I had always had a fascination for this country, so...
Class of 2002

During Greek Week in Spring 2000, I went to my roommate's home that Friday night in Bayou Buff, La, near Thibodeaux. She decided to bring a live speciment back from the trip for extra credit in Dr. Bob's herpatology class. She brought back a baby alligator - Jacque - needed water so we put him...
Class of 2003

One of the best things that came out of my time at Loyola was the opportunity for my then toddler son to attend the Whelan Children’s Center. The teachers, staff, and education students were amazing, not to mention the classrooms and materials available to the children. We made lifelong...
Class of 2004

My fondest memories were made at Loyola with colleagues becoming lifelong friends. Not only did I have a great four years there, it also paved a road for great adventures in the years after. Wolfpack for life!
Class of 2005

I loved riding the streetcar to work from Loyola. I loved a blueberry muffin and orange juice from the Underground. I loved Dr. Smith’s New Orleans lit class. I loved how Katie Ford read poetry. I loved the ballets and musical engagements. I loved everything really.