Below is our collection of memories by members of the Loyola Community. Share your memory with us so the Loyola community can remember the good times and struggles that happened on our campus over the last century.

My Loyola Memories – Faculty and Staff Immersion Trip to Belize (May 21 - 29, 2011) A special memory for me at Loyola was the immersion trip to Belize, organized by The Jesuit Center with a group of 14 Faculty and Staff, between May 21st and 29th May 2011. ...
Class of 1942

My first year at Loyola was the last year Loyola played football. We played LSU and lost. However, the memory I wish to share is the Loyola cheer: “AH UHWA, AH UHWA. Loyola Wolves eat ’em up.” I was also the lead trumpeter in the Loyola band.
Class of 1946

Recently I received the most recent issue of Loyola Magazine. You asked for comments about it. Here is something to put in your files. The article about Thomas Hall brought back many memories. I started as a Freshman in 1942. I applied for Student Employment and was given a job of after-...
Class of 1952

Loyola was not in the family budget when I visited with Brother Martin Hernandez, S.C., principal of St. Aloysuis High School, and also a Loyola alumnus. On that spring afternoon in 1947, the path for my future was influenced. College preparation was the topic at hand. Brother Martin reviewed my...
Class of 1954

Great memories of Fr. Butt’s accounting classes, especially the Saturday morning labs with Jack Thomas at the blackboard and Fr. Butt trying to rattle him. As a student manager with the athletic department with my brother, Andy, preparing for basketball games and track meets and...